About Us

About Us

Chilling at the beach.

Our Philosophy

Throughout my life, as new challenges arose, I’ve had to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. This blog is all about the things that I have had to learn and the things that inspire me – I’ve always loved learning new things and I want to share some of those new experiences with you.

This blog is all for exploring life, recipes and whatever else tickles me pink at that point in time and reminiscing in equal parts.

Our Story

Coming to Australia from South Africa in 2012 saw us entering an entirely new culture and way of life. The internet is a constantly evolving beast and in that time, information has become much more readily available but
I vividly remember the frustration I felt at the time when I wanted to learn more about the life I could expect and I couldn’t find any real information that made me feel more prepared.

Bucasia Beach treasures.

Along the way, we have assimilated into a new culture and embraced the Aussie way of life. I have remembered and rekindled my love of research and learning and we have adapted to a lifestyle where its all about family.

There have been challenges and challenging times, but through it all, we came out richer in knowledge and wisdom.

We have many dreams and hopes, but our driving force has always been a better life for our family. I hope you enjoy my mental meanderings as much as I enjoy putting them into words.

Low Tide explorations at Shoal Point Beach.

Meet the Bronkhorst’s…

We are very close as a family. Being without extended family in the same country, we rely on each other for everything. We drive each other crazy and pick each other up when we are down.

They are my inspiration and remind me constantly that we can find happiness in the simple things in front of us.

Kite Flying on the Beach

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